“space migration” (=S.M.), “intelligence increase” (=I.2), and “life extension” (=L.E.)

A cyberpunk is a resourceful, skillful individual who accesses and steers knowledge- communication technology toward his/her own private goals, for personal pleasure, profit, principle, or growth”(ibid.).
Cyberpunks are the inventors, innovative writers, technofrontier artists, risk-taking film directors, icon-shifting composers,[…] free-agent scientists, technocreatives, computer visionaries, elegant hackers, […] neurological test pilots, media explorers – all of those who boldly package and steer ideas out there where no thoughts have gone before (ibid.).


2 thoughts on “S.M.I.2L.E

  1. Matt Macosko says:

    http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22578254 Thanks for the awesome site. Hope you come up with more insights and make some more cool posts!!! here is one for ya not too long either

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